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The HERO, Harsh Environment Rotary Joint, is a strategic project for Meccanotecnica Umbra.
It includes a series of development activities for new products. We have identified two main lines, one concerning high pressure applications and the other one high temperature applications.
As for high pressures, we were involved in a project in which we had to supply sealing and joint systems for oil drilling. So we had to design not only a sealing system, but also all the equipment and test bench that could simulate the operating conditions. The system must operate at pressures above 500 bar.
Precisely in a perspective of product differentiation, we also developed a project for high temperature applications. In particular, we developed solutions for renewable energy applications, where particularly aggressive fluids are used, which can make it difficult to properly manage plants.
As high as 550°C temperatures can indeed be reached in some applications, with an adverse impact on standard materials that are usually used in the design of mechanical seals.
The easier a plant can be managed, the more likely it will be to open up a market of renewable energies and promote their industrial use.
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Rotary Joint for Hi-Pressure

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