Mechanical seals supplier

Meccanotecnica Umbra, an Italian company based in a small center in the province of Perugia, is a supplier of mechanical seals known for their high pe... [read more]

Mechanical seals for water pumps

Meccanotecnica Umbra designs and manufactures mechanical seals for water pumps and distributes them all over the world, thanks to numerous operating o... [read more]

Mechanical seals manufacturer

Meccanotecnica Umbra is known among the international manufacturer of mechanical seals. Founded over 50 years ago Campello sul Clitunno, a small town ... [read more]

Mechanical seals production

Meccanotecnica Umbra is an industry-leading company operating in the mechanical seals production worldwide. Meccanotecnica Umbra was founded over 50 y... [read more]

Mechanical seals design

Since its foundation, over 50 years ago, Meccanotecnica Umbra is well known for the mechanical seals design. The Italian company is based in Campello ... [read more]

Meccanotecnica Umbra S.p.A.
06042 Via G. Agnelli, 7
Campello sul Clitunno (PG) - Italy
Phone: +39 0743.279.1

Sales Office:

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